About Nuskin Elite Team, LLC.

Nuskin Elite Team Services (NETS) is created as a joint venture between the Nuskin Elite Team Company and K&D Real Estate Investment Company that has a headquarter in Chicago, IL – providing luxury, stress-free, fast, easy access to unbeatable price for ground transportation and furnished apartment services in most of the major city in America.

Whether you are travelling for a vacation, business trip, or travel for medical treatment- arranging housing and car service can be very hassle, stressful, and tiring. So please relax, enjoy your trip, and let our teams take care of your housing and transportation for you…

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Nuskin Elite Team Inc. and K & D Company can help get patients and customers to their destinations in style.

Furnished Apartments

We have multiple luxury apartments in a variety of locations with secure access; with a 20% discount to the UAE’s people; each apartment will be 100% furnished in the best-secured area in the city.


VIP Services

VIP Prices depend upon the type, make and model of the car requested, the max time per day is 10 hours. Click on read more to read more information and check the prices which are usually the same in most cities

Nuskin Elite Team has a professional services with reasonable prices.

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Nuskin Elite Team Advantages

Waiting time

No extra fees for the waiting time.

No hidden charges

Trancperance and clarity are our main value.

Fixed Pricing

Our pricing plans are fixed at any time 24/7.

Free services

No extra charges for any patient consultancies or translations.