Nuskin Elite Team, LLC.

Nuskin Elite Team Services (NETS) is created as a joint venture between the Nuskin Elite Team Company and K&D Real Estate Investment Company that has a headquarter in Chicago, IL – providing luxury, stress-free, fast, easy access to unbeatable price for ground transportation and furnished apartment services in most of the major city in America.

Whether you are travelling for a vacation, business trip, or travel for medical treatment- arranging housing and car service can be very hassle, stressful, and tiring. So please relax, enjoy your trip, and let our teams take care of your housing and transportation for you.

Our reputation and continued success depend on the complete satisfaction and return business of each customer. Thus, we work meticulously hard and seriously to earn and fulfil each customer’s satisfaction and return business.


Fleets and Vehicles

The Patient Vehicles include Acura, Mercedes, Lincoln Sedans, Lincoln Navigators, and GMC Yukon; they will be 2016 or newer; Handi-Cap equipped; the company can customize vans. For VIP Visitors, there will be Cadillac Escalades and Mercedes.