Nuskin Elite Team, Inc “NET”. is a logistics company that specializes in providing first-class transportation services to foreign guests visiting the United States of America for medical treatment.

“NET”  has over 10 years of experience in medical transportation and a national network of employees, contractors, and partners, which allows them to deliver exceptional service. Nuskin Elite Team has strong financial standing ensures we can meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and needs through all economic cycles.

These are example of tasks that company Does:

  1. Provide transportation services for foreign guests upon initial arrival at a USA airport until their moment of departure from USA soil.
  2. Provide a large variety of vehicle types and sizes to accommodate any magnitude of guests or any variation of medical needs, including wheelchair-bound guests.
  3. Provide 24-hour on-call services for all guests.
  4. Provide VIP services as directed.
  5. Provide logistic and shipping services both inside and outside the United States.